Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising for Search Engines

We are all familiar with search engines but did you know you can put them to work for your business?

Through search engine optimisation you can ensure that a Google search places your business front and center, keeping traffic coming to your website and boosting sales. Understanding how search engines work however is no simple task.

At EFOUR Digital Marketing, we understand the intricacies of search engine optimization and can help your business rise in search engines rankings. Ensuring you are found by your target audience and experience enhanced success and profitability.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the science behind getting web pages to rank higher in returned search results on major search engines such as Google. This digital marketing strategy aims to enhance your website’s presence and visibility through the use of proven tactics.

Search engines provide the ideal platform for your business to be discovered, SEO optimisation ensures your business is best positioned for this.

SEO helps us understand the behind the scenes factors that influence a search engine’s results page. This allows us to leverage these and create impactful search engine marketing that pushes you up the search rankings.

How Important Is SEO To Your
Businesses Success?

Properly executed SEO is integral to the success of your business, even if you have a large social media following, you still need to rank well in search engines. The reality is that the first port of call for most clients and customers when seeking out service is to Google it.

Even if your page ranked well at its launch, search engines such as Google are fickle beasts. Without constant monitoring and proactive steps, your website can quickly slip down the ranks.

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages where you could simply pay more to feature in a larger, more visible ad. In some ways SEO is the ultimate Yellow Pages for the digital age, making digital marketing and SEO more important than ever.

With organic search results continuing to rise above paid advertising, it is easy to see why prioritising your SEO strategies is a must.

Efour Digital marketing provides SEO

How Does SEO Work?

In simple terms, SEO works by ensuring your site contains content that search engines prioritise on returned search results. It’s the process of optimising your website to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engines results page.

When an individual searches a topic in a search engine such as Google or Bing, built-in bots refer back to an index of information that has been collected from all over the web. The search engines use a series of algorithms to analyse this index and find the most appropriate search result based on the initial query.

Search engine optimization aims to place the most relevant content associated with the searched topic on your website so that these algorithms favour your page over another in a Google search.

Can I Do My Own SEO?

Yes, you can most certainly try. However, search engine optimization SEO is complex and competitive. There is no set formula or steps you can take to enhance the SEO on your website, just as each business is unique so must their approach to SEO be. With algorithms constantly shifting and competition heating up, the reality is most businesses have neither the expertise nor time to manage their own search engine optimisation effectively.

As experienced SEO search engine specialists, we can also attest to the fact that learning SEO is not a simple task. It takes consistent sustained effort to remain on top of your game and achieve quality content that delivers the ranking you desire. Even with significant effort on your part, you may not make progress – particularly when you are most likely competing against professional SEO specialists.

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How we can help you achieve better search ranking results

At EFOUR Digital Marketing we tailor our services to create a package that suits your needs. We review your goals and work back from there to ensure we are taking the appropriate steps to achieve them. Regardless of whether your goal is more sales, better lead generation or simply more search traffic, we can help you achieve this.

To ensure your page remains visible and relevant to your target audience, we review your website, its existing pages and the site architecture. Through careful analysis, we assess the user experience and how the site currently sits against leading ranking factors.

From this analysis, we then generate strategies as to how best to implement SEO and raise your online profile. Strategies may include one or all of the following:

Blogging Services

Blog posts are a great way to improve the SEO on your website, they allow opportunities to create content on commonly searched topics and keywords.

Search engines love new content, blogging consistently and adding fresh, quality content to your web page is a great way to improve your SEO.

Blog posts also provide a great way to demonstrate your expertise on a topic and build a rapport with customers. Additionally, by adding interest through blogging you are more likely to keep a customer on your site and have them click through to a purchase.

Optimising For Search Intent

Beyond just understanding the most common keywords being searched, you need to understand the intent behind a customer’s search. Knowing the ‘why’ gives more context to a customer search and enables your site to better answer their query.

This pushes you above the competition by showing you as an authority in the space. When you can accurately deliver what a customer is looking for, you build trust and encourage engagement.

Keyword Rich, Quality Content Creation

Blogs, GMB posts, product pages, press releases, website content and more all form part of a great website. However, without well-written content that utilises essential keywords, your website will fail to rank. Likewise, if your content is poorly written Google will penalise you.

Grammatical errors, poor spelling and syntax all contribute to a poor user experience and as we know Google prioritises the user experience. Ensuring your content is easily readable and incorporates keywords at the optimal density is the key to great content that boosts your SEO performance.

Link-building Campaigns

Link building is all about enticing other pages to include links to your page within their own. Search engines like Google do not only look at keywords and fresh content, their algorithms also assess how many pages are linked to your page. The more live links that exist outside of your page to direct traffic back to your page via search engines, the better you’ll rank.

Link-building campaigns are effective, but there is a lot that goes into making this tactic work. At EFOUR we understand the ins and outs of link-building campaigns and how to best leverage them to your advantage.

Constantly Improving And Updating Site Quality

Refreshed websites enhance your domain authority as well as building trust with your customers. If you have ever Googled and been directed to an outdated website or one that isn’t mobile or user friendly, you’ve likely returned to Google and reviewed the alternatives.

Keeping your website fresh and brimming with quality content shows you are invested in your customer and their interest in what you have to offer. Your website is the first glimpse many customers will have of your business, so it is vital to ensure that first impression counts.

EFOUR Optimising For Search Intent

GMB Listings

GMB (Google My Business) refers to your Google business listing. Through GMB you are able to manage and optimise your Business Profile on Google. Business Profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search as a visible pop up in the immediate search engine results.

The creation of a GMB profile is free and can help to profile your business and services more effectively. It also enables better customer interactions and provides helpful insights into your audience via the GMB dashboard. Keywords can also be used in GMB listings to enhance your local ranking results.

Link-building Campaigns with EFOUR

Common SEO Mistakes

While using SEO practices to increase your ranking may not be an exact science, there are best practices in place. Just as equally, however, there are things you should avoid – if your website or has any of the following, you need help.

Not having unique meta tags

Title tags and meta descriptions may be a tiny number of characters, but they are important. Every page needs a unique title tag containing the main keyword to enhance SEO. Likewise, your meta description is your sales pitch that is seen within initial search results. By optimising your meta description you make the first glimpse of your page unique and persuasive – meaning a higher likelihood of capturing the customer.

Not using anchor text for internal links

Tailoring your anchor text is an important component of SEO. Calls to action or internal URL links should ideally have your main keyword within the link text. Avoid linking to generic text such as ‘click here to learn more for example as this is a wasted opportunity to include your anchor text.

Using the identical anchor text for internal links

As above, anchor text plays a vital role in improving SEO, but Google is always prioritising user experience. Awkwardly placed, duplicate link text looks bad to the reader and can damage your ranking as it looks as though you are trying to trick the search engine. Using variations of the same phrase is always preferable.

Prioritising link quantity over quality

Stuffing content full of poor quality links will not do your web page any favours. Only use quality links that will enhance the quality of your page and therefore your domain authority. Choose links that are relevant to your industry, that do not contain multiple additional links and that do not spam the reader with advertising for gambling, impulse buys or similar.

Not optimising for local search

If your business is all about securing customers from your local area, it makes sense to optimise for that audience, right? Your SEO should begin by including region-specific keywords in your page titles and meta descriptions. Your website should also include your address and phone number on every page to boost your presence on local search results.

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SEO packages to suit your budget, goals and needs, ensuring high-quality SEO is accessible no matter the size of your business


At EFOUR Digital Markerting, we are passionate about delivering exceptional SEO to Australian Businesses. As a family-owned and run business ourselves, we understand in-depth the challenges faced by small businesses and the importance of great SEO.

We offer customisable SEO packages to suit your budget, goals and needs, ensuring high-quality SEO is accessible no matter the size of your business.

Our goal is to have your business be visible and be found through the implementation of the best digital solutions. We use only tried and tested SEO techniques to attain the highest possible ranking position on search engines, like Google.

As experts in SEO as well as web development, project management, sales and marketing, content and customer service we are positioned to deliver outstanding results for your business. We operate with integrity at all times and offer a fresh and innovative approach to growing your business through digital marketing.

Some of the results you can expect

IT Services Brisbane



24 months ago, IT Services Brisbane had one part time employee with Director Hollie O’Byrne working full time. After 18 months working with EFOUR they are a 10 man team and looking to expand through Australia.


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Enable Exercise



Enable Exercise engaged EFOUR Digital marketing to provide Managed Google Business Profile services. Within 2 months of starting Enable Exercise had an increase of 300% in Leads and have recently had to change business locations to accomodate their growth in their team.


Increase in Leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

Critical Care



Critical Care initially engaged EFOUR to provide Google Business Profile management. This turned into a new website build and Google Profile management. This has resulted in 400% increase in leads.


Increase in leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

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