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Is Wordfence Security the best WordPress Security Plugin?

Securing your website is of utmost importance since hackers can strike at any time without notice. With this in mind, when it comes to a WordPress security plugin, it is hard to go past Wordfence to secure your website from any potential attack.

Wordfence is one of the most prominent security plugins available today.  Wordfence security, is it the best WordPress Security Plugin? Well, let’s have a look….

So what is Wordfence Security?

Rated by many WordPress users as one of the best WordPress security plugins, Wordfence Security is designed to secure your website from external attacks.

This piece of software is widely acclaimed for its ability to keep hackers at bay, thanks to its powerful endpoint firewall and malware scanner.

Ever since its launch in 2012, the plugin has gone through tremendous improvements to become one of the most secure and user friendly web security plugins available for WordPress websites.

What is more surprising is that the plugin is free, with an option to upgrade to premium, for real-time, round-the-clock protection, just another tick in the box for the best WordPress security plugin.

So how does Word fence Security plugin actually work?

Worfence Plugin consists of:

  1. An endpoint firewall
  2. A security scanner

The firewall works by identifying and blocking malicious traffic to your website. It achieves this via the threat defense feed, which arms the plugin with real-time firewall rules, malicious IP addresses and signatures required to keep your site safe and secure.

It also blocks brute force attacks by enforcing strong passwords and limiting login attempts. This alone puts it among the best WordPress security plugins available.


Would you leave your home unlocked???? Why leave your website then?

On the other hand, the security scanner works by continuously checking core files, themes and other plugins for malware.

The security scan also checks your site for suspicious URLS, malicious redirects, SE0 spam, backdoors and code injections before initiating mitigating processes to clean and secure your website.

Other essential features that come with this security plugin include:-

  • Leaked password protection

Protects your website by blocking login attempts using compromised passwords. You will therefore be able to prevent any unauthorized access to your site.

  • Advanced manual blocking Allows web administrators to block malicious networks quickly and efficiently

Country blocking

Blocks traffic from countries renowned for hacking and other malicious activities. It achieves this by continuously monitoring the origin of malicious traffic before blocking the source country.

  • File repair Repairs hacked websites and restores core files, themes and plugins
  • Two-factor authentication

This feature enforces two-factor authentication, thereby stopping brute force attacks. Essentially, you have to provide a login credential that is only unique to you other than a password.

Live traffic

Monitors hack attempts and filters suspicious traffic that might not be included in other analytic packages

Why do you need to install the best WordPress security plugin available?

The benefits of installing a web security plugin are almost endless. Some of these include:

Real-time protection

Security plugins work by scanning your website for malware and monitoring traffic to identify and block malicious attacks.

Security tools

Website Security

Should never be underrated, and always on!!!

Most security plugins come with a number of security tools such as country blocking and brute-force protection to enhance the safety of your website. You can use these tools to determine the type of traffic to your website.

Helps in Cleaning hacked websites

Nothing is as devastating as dealing with a hacked website. To make it worse, you may have to start from scratch if you never had any backups. Thankfully, you can use security plugins to repair infected files and restore essential data.

Free to use (paid option gives you more functionality and greater protection)

Most WordPress security plugins are free to use and come with dozens of features that may help protect your website from attacks. However, for advanced protection, consider upgrading to premium versions of these plugins.

So, we ask, Wordfence Security: Is it the best WordPress Security Plugin?

WordPress has dozens of different security plugins designed to protect your website from external attacks. However, out of these alternatives, Wordfence proves to be the most solid option as far as performance is concerned. The plugin protects over 2 million WordPress websites worldwide, meaning that developers can have unrivaled access to data on how hackers operate. This helps to keep hackers at bay, hence improving the credibility of your site.

Furthermore, the plugin has very few cases of security breaches ever since its launch in 2012, and is regarded one of the most dependable security plugin today. For all of the reasons stated above, Wordfence, in my opinion is the best WordPress Security plugin available on the market.

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