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EFOUR Digital Marketing is a small, family-owned and operated business passionate about helping other Aussie businesses’ succeed. We help you be visible, be found by and capture the right audience. We do this through content creation, search engine optimisation, website development and design, lead generation and more. With our simple but effective strategies, you gain more visibility. More Leads. More Clients. With our help, you can begin to sow, grow and reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Our Core Values

Tired of dealing with companies that overpromise and underdeliver?

Are you tired of feeling like your business is not a priority and is not gaining traction despite your investment in their promises?

At EFOUR we operate differently, we believe in:


No false promises or unrealistic timelines. We know that transparency builds trust and leads to better, long-term working relationships with our clients. We never shy away from tough conversations and welcome feedback, positive or negative.

Honesty and Integrity

We keep our word and value accountability and integrity. Nothing is gained through deception or dishonesty.

We aim to be the best in our field and honesty forms an integral part of achieving this.   


We value your time and know that reliability is an important part of keeping your business on track. You can trust us to be up-front and take full responsibility for the work we agree on with you and deliver it as agreed every time.

Result Based Strategies

We employ strategies that are focused on achieving an agreed set of results. We do use untested strategies, only those with a proven success rate that is measurable and tangible. Do you want more clients and more sales? We can implement strategies to achieve this and deliver the metrics to show they’re working.

Performance, Not Appearances – No Vanity Metrics

We’re not impressed by more followers, page views, backlinks, basic conversions or similar and nor should you be! These vanity metrics may make you feel secure or successful but in reality, they can be deceiving and contribute very little to your bottom line. At EFOUR we are about flexible and objective reporting. We chase the metrics that matter, to keep your phones ringing, email dinging and product selling.

How We Help Your Business Achieve Greatness


The digital marketing space is overflowing with so-called experts – many of whom see it as an easy way to earn a living. However, many of these “experts” have limited experience and only a basic knowledge of digital marketing practices.

At EFOUR, we know that digital marketing is nuanced and complex and takes dedication and an in depth understanding to deliver lasting results. We offer genuine expertise and our results speak for themselves.

More Visibility

It’s no secret that better visibility contributes to fast growth and long-term success. So what do we do for your business to make it more visible through digital marketing?

Competitor analysis

We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your direct competitors to create a defensive and offensive strategy to place you in the lead. This strategy delivers real growth results and gives you the advantage.

Keyword research

Keyword research is vital. It provides insights into what potential customers are actually searching for vs what you think they’re searching for. The results of this research are used to make your business more relevant to your audience and draw them in.

Niche analysis

Rather than waste precious time and resources marketing yourself to everyone, our niche analysis determines who your target market is. This makes our strategies more effective and more likely to lead to conversions.

Business marketing/website assessment

We take a deep dive into your current approach to marketing and your existing website to determine how well they are serving your business. The results of this audit are shared with you in detail and help us form new, targeted strategies.

Client needs/business needs analysis

Success isn’t about guesswork, it is about reading and analysing available data and acting accordingly. Our analyses are designed to highlight what your customers want vs what you offer and determine what your business needs to do to remain successful.

More Leads

So your page views are up? Great! However, getting a visitor to your website is just one part of the process, converting them is another. We make your site visible, efficient – with the core elements up front, on an easy to use platform. We do this because research shows us that sites which:

Are easy to navigate encourage visitors to stay longer and move beyond the home page – enhancing your chances of conversion.

Contain the right information rank better in search results. Ensuring your page delivers what customers are looking for and don’t click that close or back button!

Reach the right customers and excel at converting them. When you reach the right audience your chances of converting them are higher because they’re already looking for what you offer.

What We Deliver

More Clients

More clients and customers are good, however, more of the right clients and customers is better. We want your interactions to be with customers and clients that generate your business income and enhance your success. Avoid time wasters and create lasting relationships with the right client for you that is genuinely interested in what your business offers.

Real ROI – Real Return On Investment

We value your investment in our expertise and guarantee a real ROI. Whether this is a goal to be the leader in your field, enhanced profitability, more customers or all of the above. EFOUR has the experience and required skills to deliver this return.

Real KPIs

We’re not focused on top ranking you for a particular keyword 24/7. Real KPIs are about increasing phone calls and emails and having people engaging your business towards increased product sales.

At EFOUR we are expert lead generators that know who your right customer is through our detailed analysis. This makes it easier for us to capture these customers and deliver them to you.

How We Achieve This

Wondering how we achieve all of this and what it looks like in practice?
We implement these four key strategies:


GMB (Google my Business) – GMB is a tool used to manage your online presence across Google search and maps. It ensures customers can find your business easily, verify your status as a reliable business and provide key information about who you are and what you offer.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – we understand exactly what Google prioritises as returned search results. We use this information to optimise your website so that it ranks highly and increases your visibility.


Website Development and Design – A great website is integral to converting visitors to your site into clients and customers. We develop user-friendly, engaging sites with eye-catching designs.


Google Adwords or PPC (Pay per click) – Draw in more customers through targeted paid advertising. You only pay when someone clicks the ad to go through to your website or to call you.

Some of the results you can expect

IT Services Brisbane



24 months ago, IT Services Brisbane had one part time employee with Director Hollie O’Byrne working full time. After 18 months working with EFOUR they are a 10 man team and looking to expand through Australia.


Increase in revenue


Return on marketing investment


Increase in visibility

Enable Exercise



Enable Exercise engaged EFOUR Digital marketing to provide Managed Google Business Profile services. Within 2 months of starting Enable Exercise had an increase of 300% in Leads and have recently had to change business locations to accomodate their growth in their team.


Increase in Leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

Critical Care



Critical Care initially engaged EFOUR to provide Google Business Profile management. This turned into a new website build and Google Profile management. This has resulted in 400% increase in leads.


Increase in leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

Some recent websites we’ve built

Russell's Garage Doors

IT Services Brisbane

Direct Focus Solutions

Locations we service

Digital Marketing Australia


Our awards & accreditation



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Frequently Asked Questions

More Visibility

More Leads

More Clients


EFOUR is a family-owned and run, local Australian business. We intimately understand the struggles and stresses related to being a business owner and how this impacts your daily life. We genuinely care about our clients and want to build long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

We’re not selling quick fixes or smoke and mirrors, we offer sustained, ongoing, organic growth that helps your business excel in the long term. We take our role as your digital marketing specialists seriously and enjoy watching our work achieve results as much as you do.

Our promise to you is simple and effective:

More visibility. More leads. More clients.

We are the lead generators you can trust to deliver your business sustained success. Email or call us today on 1300 263 806 to get started.