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Lead generation is at the core of our business. If you are looking to increase your sales through an online medium you should definitely get in contact with us today. We can help your business grow using tried and tested lead generating techniques that bring in qualified phone calls and emails. Don’t waste your time talking to a web developer who doesn’t know SEO or how to generate organic leads.

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The purpose of having content on your website is two-fold. It is information about your business, your products or something interesting in your field.



Having a developer that provides high quality SEO services is like having a good accountant: both will keep you on track and moving in the right direction.



Custom design is about standing out from the crowd. As a custom web developer, we know how important it is to have a point of difference in your market.


Quite literally, lead generation is about generating leads. How this is done on a website is an interesting and, usually, time consuming process.

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First Impressions last!

You have less than 3 – 5 seconds to grab the attention of your customer and tell them..
    • Who you are?
    • What you do?
    • How you can help them?
    • How you can be contacted?
    • What action you want your visitor to take?

We are Brisbane based Web Developers

We create websites that will give your customers a great experience and get you ranking higher on google.

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Why do you need a website OR A WEB DEVELOPER?


Good question. Here’s another good one. Do you need a sign on your shopfront? Ridiculous, right? Of course you need a sign on your shopfront! If you don’t have a sign, no one will be able to find you!  

Ah…the sound of the penny dropping  

The 2020 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report revealed some telling signs in the small business industry sector indicating some significant reasons why big businesses seem to be taking over the market.

The number one revelation was that most small businesses have no Internet presence and therefore can’t be found by consumers.

The way people are shopping is changing… people are tech savvy, lazy and way more comfortable communicating through online platforms.

They don’t want to drive to your shopfront only to find out that you don’t have what they are looking for! 

And they don’t want to call you to find out either, because that means talking to an actual person (so much easier to text!).  

No, it’s just easier to find what they want online and buy it – or go to your store, already knowing you have it. 

Oh, and loyalty, like chivalry, is a quality of the past…if you don’t have an online presence, they’ll just find someone who does. Talk to a web developer NOW!

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Online trend, or the future of advertising?


Don’t think this is a trend; this isn’t going away.

Kids are being taught how to use devices properly and how to navigate the Internet to find what they are looking for from their first year of formal schooling.

These are your future consumers.

If you want your business to survive into the future you have to have an Internet presence and the easiest way to do that is to build a company website.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the added benefits of having an online presence. Most significantly, your business will reach a much larger market than it currently does, attracting customers from well outside your current locality.

Well, that is, you will be able to do this if your website can be found by potential customers, amongst the noise already on the Internet.

The only way to truly do this properly, is to engage professional web developers who really know the industry and know how to promote yours. That’s where we come in…EFOUR Web Developers.

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5 Reasons to build your website with us

1. We know How to generate leads  

By investing in a website built and optimised by EFOUR Web Developers, you can be confident that your business will become more and more visible to potential consumers.

With techniques such as optimising your web pages for conversions, deploying outbound and inbound marketing, tapping into databases, and developing and optimising informative content, your website will signal to search engines that you’re a serious contender in your field and they will rank you accordingly.

It takes skill, persistence and time but it is 100% possible with the right web development company. 

2. We Know how to create content optimised for search engines 

It’s true that you can jump onto Upwork and pay peanuts to someone overseas for website content. And if that’s what you want to do, best of luck to you. But here’s a thought…why does it only cost peanuts?

Let me tell you the answer because I know it from experience. It’s because it’s only worth peanuts. Firstly, you’ll be lucky to find someone willing to write your article so cheaply who has English as their first language, which is an issue if your audience are predominantly English speakers.

Secondly, the amount of time you spend editing this article so it reads well in English negates the reason to sub-contract the job in the first place! Thirdly, it won’t be optimized for search engines and if it isn’t, there’s no point in having it on your website. 

And those are the very reasons that we don’t. We have a team of university qualified, professional writers who are trained in SEO writing by industry-leading professionals. They know exactly what they are doing and they get results, every time 

3. We offer on-going SEO services

Once an EFOUR client, always an EFOUR client. Building websites and generating leads is not a ‘set and forget’ arrangement like the timer on your pool pump. It needs on-going and consistent refinement to get your website ranking well and to keep it there! We offer monthly packages consisting of a variety of SEO options including optimised content and fine tuning to get you the results you want.

We have a range of packages to suit your business size, the complexity of your website and your budget. Best of all, this just happens every month without you having to do a thing. Now, that’s a worthwhile investment! 

4. We offer custom designed websites

Many web developers offer standard website designs. You will already know this if you have attempted to build your own website at one time or another. You choose a design, you choose a palette, the rest is populated for you…and it looks like every second website out there.

That’s not us. Every website we build is custom designed to suit your business and your needs. From our colour consultation process through to our home page design, your personal or business style will be reflected in your website, bringing a personality not achievable with standard design packages. 

5. We help you to articulate your website goals

There are so many web developers out there now and so many different kinds of websites. That should make it easier to choose, right? Wrong! Having too many choices makes the job of sifting through all the options that much more difficult.

At EFOUR Web Developers, we take the time to help you articulate your website goals so you know that your money will be well-spent.

Your website should do exactly what it needs to do, no more and no less. We aren’t into charging you for a product that doesn’t enhance your business just to take our cut.

That’s why we spend time with you to work out exactly what you need from a website and how exactly you want that website to benefit your business. Then, all that is left for you to do is sit back and watch your vision come to life. We do this…and we’re good at it. 

Why use us?

Easy to navigate, easy to use lead generating websites.

3 benefits of a professionally built website

1. SEO  

Otherwise known as “Search Engine Optimisation”, SEO is probably the number one benefit of a professionally built website. Let me be frank…I know very few people who have professionally built websites to bolster their own egos with vanity pages – that’s why we have Instagram, right? 

Most people who build website do so to open up nemarkets for their business and nothing does that better than ranking well with search engines. Professional web developers are uniquely positioned to do this with their industry experience as well as their access to a variety of associated technical and creative professionals. 

Well ranking websites get more clients; it’s as simple as that. If your intention is to open up new markets, invest in a professional website with ongoing SEO. It will pay dividends in your business well into the future. 

2. User experience

Second only to SEO, I would rank user experience as the second most important benefit of a professionally built website.

I detest using a clunky site – you know the ones I’m talking about: you can’t find the menu; the phone number and contact details are hidden behind poorly coded pages; there’s no way to get back to the home page unless you press the back button 50 times; and worst of all, every time you go to purchase something, you get this message ‘Oops, something went wrong with this page.  We have to reload’.

Aargh! It just makes you want to scream! We know, we know, be calm, we have the solution! A professionally built website uses smooth, intuitive userinterface and delivers a superior user experience, making your website a pleasant experience and one your clients will want to have again and again.

3. Unique website

unique website cannot be achieved with templated designs or a drag and drop platform. It might look ok; it might function ok; but it will be similar to thousands of other websites already onlineit’s difficult to stand out when you’re one in a sea of thousands. 

For a serious business with an established brand, you will waste precious time and money on a site that is not customised for your client’s needs. Visitor engagement is essential for repeat business and it is rarely achieved by templated website builds.

Spend some time thinking about exactly what it is that your website needs to do for your clients. Map it out, talk it out, look at it from your client’s point of view.

Once you’ve done that, if you find a standard template that suits you, great! If not, engage a professional web developer and create your website right the first time. It will save you time and money in the long run and better still, it will set you apart from your competitors and keep your customers on your website, which is exactly where you need them to be. 

Knowing what you get in your SEO packages & hosting packages is important!

You don’t normally go and purchase a car without knowing all the specs like its
efficiency, warranty or “how fast can you get to 100km/h“.  So why is it any different
with your website and SEO hosting packages?

EBUSINESS Web Developer Awards


eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence


In 2018 we developed new processes that enabled faster lead generation results for our clients. We pride ourselves on quality website builds and SEO.

eBusiness Institute Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program


In 2019 we were graduates of the only Ebusiness Champions master program.

This program develops high end SEO and marketing techniques to improve lead generation. 

eBusiness Institute Student High Achievers Award


In 2019 we worked extremely hard on providing quality web developer products and SEO to our clients and were awarded the high achievers award through the eBusiness institute.

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“In 2019 we built and commenced operating a small guesthouse. We decided to engage EFOUR Web Developers to construct our website. 

They are an extremely efficient company with excellent communication and are Australian owned and operated, which was important to us.

They also set up out Channel Manager and Property Management System, as well as connecting 4 Online Travel Agencies. This had us up and running in a short amount of time.

As we were new to the hospitality business, we could never have completed this in the time EFOUR took to be online and receiving bookings.”

Phil Plasto

BnB Owner, Silverdown Guesthouse, Orange, NSW

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“Damen and the EFOUR team have been absolute fantastic to deal with in the development of our new site. We are most appreciative of their patience when working through our endless last minute alterations in the lead up to the launch.

They never missed a beat and I look forward to working with them again.”

Sean Ryan

Marketing and Digital Engagement Manager, BGW Group

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“IT Services Brisbane recently engaged web developer, Damen, and his team at EFOUR Web Developers, to create a new website, including SEO, for our company. Their expertise in web design and SEO was outstanding, every member of the team provided exceptional service and all followed through.

What stood out, was the process from concept to delivery was very structured and results focused. We felt listened to, whilst also being provided clear and concise recommendations.

Our website has already more than paid for itself. We have increased market share far more than we thought possible in our identified target suburbs.

If you are looking to increase your business exposure and can handle the extra work load that will come from the increased exposure, I highly recommend speaking to the team EFOUR.”

Hollie O’Byrne

Director, IT Services Brisbane

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“If you need a great looking website, that gets you results, you can’t go past EFOUR. They know what they are talking about and follow through, at an affordable price. Their after sales service is also second to none. Do yourself a favour and give this team a call.”

Sharon Capizzi

Owner, She's Sew Creative

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