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If you’re invested in the performance of your web page and its digital marketing, you likely have heard of Google Ads. If you have not yet ventured into utilising Google’s online advertising platform, you may be missing out on reaching new customers and growing your business. At EFOUR Digital Marketing, we are highly skilled in digital marketing and the use of Google Adwords as a component of this.

Learn how to leverage Google Ads to your advantage and take your business to new levels of success and profitability.

What is Google Ads And How Does It Work?

Google Ads operates through pay-per-click advertising (PPC). This can also be known as a CPM or pay per impression advertising. This means that you, as the advertiser, are only billed for your advertising when it generates a click-through or view from your intended audience.

How does this look in practice? Essentially, when your target customer or client googles keywords relevant to your business Google will place your ad at the top of the search results. Ideally, the user will see your ad as an ideal match to their search terms and click-through to your landing page.

"Your ad will display your URL, phone number and a small blurb with a bold heading immediately under the search window."

Rather than scrolling through the search results and landing on the competition’s website, your website is placed in the most visible location. Your ad will display your URL, phone number and a small blurb with a bold heading immediately under the search window.

Of course, you are still competing against other paying advertisers so your position is not guaranteed. Your ranking in this ad space will be determined by your ads quality score and your success in the Google Ads auction. At this auction, you are bidding against other advertisers that want to use the same keyword, whoever is willing to spend the most, wins!


Googles Quality Score

Your quality score is essentially Google’s determination of how relevant or useful your advertising is to potential customers. Your quality score is ranked on a scale of between 1-1o, the closer to 10 you are, the better your quality score. You can access information regarding your quality score by reviewing your keywords report in your Google Ads account.

There are three main factors that contribute to your quality score.

The click-through rate or CTR) – How often does someone click on your ad following a search using your nominated keywords?

The ad relevance – Is your keyword inclusion relevant to the customer’s search? Does it make sense for your ad to show up as a search result when that keyword is used?

The landing page experience – Should a potential customer click-through, does your landing page deliver what they expect based on your advertising?

How To Improve Your Quality Score

Improving your quality score is not an exact science. However, just as there are guidelines for enhancing your website SEO performance, there are similar actions you can take towards bumping your quality score higher.

Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Using well-researched keywords plays a key role in ensuring the click-through rate is optimal. When reviewing your chosen keywords in your keywords report, you will see them labelled as above average, average or below average. This categorisation is based on Google’s assumption that the keyword searched will be an exact match for the ones your ad uses.

Should you see ‘above average’ or ‘average’ next to your keyword, they are performing well and do not require revision. The presence of ‘below average’ next to a keyword indicates that your keyword is performing poorly. Simply diversifying your ad text with more appropriate keywords can make a huge difference in your quality score.

Optimal Google Ads Example

Your customer is specifically looking for indoor plants and succulents. You sell a huge variety of plants and create the following ad.

Michael’s Plant Warehouse
Ad – We offer a wide variety of plants, shop online today and receive 30% off!

Your customer is specifically looking for indoor plants and succulents. You sell a huge variety of plants and create the following ad.

While the added mentions plants, it is missing keywords relevant to the customer’s search intent. They are likely to skip over this ad and look for one that is more specific to their query. To improve this, consider improving the ad as follows:

Michael’s Plant Warehouse – Plants Online Delivered To Your Door
Ad – Our online plant warehouse sells over 300 varieties of plants, visit our site to learn more.
Explore our online offerings today and receive 30% off all indoor plants and succulents!

The second ad has the same message as the first, but includes more targeted keywords, making it more likely to capture the customer. More clicks mean a boosted CTR.

Prioritise The Landing Page Experience

Ensuring your landing page backs up your advertising is critical. Say a customer clicks through expecting to find a range of indoor plants, and instead there is nothing matching that query at all.

Your landing page needs to utilise the same keywords featured in your advertising. It also needs to be well organised and appealing for a great first impression. A customer needs to be impressed in the first few milliseconds of clicking through from your ad and should easily be able to navigate to the relevant page.

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Enhance Your Relevancy

The same steps used to boost your click-through rate also work to enhance the relevancy of your ad and increase traffic. By incorporating keywords you not only make your ad more interesting but more relevant. You’re providing more detail for the search results, making it easier for a potential customer to find you and be matched with your business.

By providing insights (through keywords) about what product or service you offer, customers are more likely to click through and visit your landing page.

This is because there will be no ambivalence in your ad, i.e. ‘I want indoor plants, not just a generic plant shop, this ad tells me they sell them!’ It’s that simple.

EFOUR - Prioritise The Landing Page Experience

Grow your client base with Google Ads

Why Use Google Ads As Part Of Your Digital Marketing?

The benefit of using Google Ads are many, here are our top four reasons to utilise Google Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy:

Drives Qualified Traffic To Your Site

One of the best features of Google Ads is the ability to target your ideal customer. Unlike a physical billboard or letterbox drop which is very hit and miss marketing, Google Ads seeks out qualified customers.

This targeting is achieved by fine-tuning your ad through choices such as adding keywords, location, setting the age, language and device type you want it visible on. By taking advantage of these features in your ads or campaign, Google is able to match your marketing with potential customers that are already seeking out products or services that you offer. This boosts the traffic to your site and makes conversion much more likely.

You’ll Reach A Wider Audience

Despite its name, Google Adwords is not limited to advertising solely through the Search platform. Good Ads can also be disseminated via YouTube, Blogger, and Google Display Network. The latter works to place your advertising as a pop up on other websites users are browsing, on mobile devices via associated apps and even in Gmail. This means a potential customer need not only be specifically searching for you in a search engine in order to find you.

It Is Cost-Effective

As it is a cost per click model, keeping your advertising costs within budget is easier. You have total control over how much you spend, setting the amount you’re happy to spend per day, per month and per ad. Unlike other paid ads, Google has no minimum spend amount.

Pay as little or as much as you like and lower or raise the amounts anytime. You’ll only ever be charged for the ads that were clicked on and the cost per click will never be higher than your pre-set bidding amount for the chosen keyword. This makes it the ideal advertising channel for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Your Advertising Success Is Measurable

Wondering how many conversions your targeted Google ads campaign achieved? Want to know how often you showed up in returned search results and if your keyword choices were the right ones? Googles analytics allows you to track all this valuable data and more through your Google ads account.

Know when your ads are clicked, if it leads to a valuable interaction or conversion if they followed directions to download your app. You can even learn about your customer’s shopping habits.

This data is incredibly beneficial as it helps shape future Google ads campaigns and ensure they are created for maximum effectiveness. You’ll know exactly what is resonating with your audience and what you need to change to make your marketing even more successful.

Drives Qualified Traffic To Your Site - Efour Web Developers

You Can Easily Manage Campaigns

Introducing new products or services and want to switch up your Google Ads campaigns accordingly? Adwords campaign not performing as expected? You can modify, edit and introduce new ads through your Google Ads account quickly and easily, giving you much-needed flexibility.

EFOUR Webs Developers - Your Advertising Success Is Measurable

Top Tips For A Winning Google Ads Campaign

In addition to the above steps, we recommend also implementing the following best practices.

Set a clear goal

Knowing exactly what you hope to achieve through your advertising is essential for assessing its effectiveness. Without a goal, you will have no point against which to measure the success of your campaign and are more likely to be pulled off track or overspend.

Advertise for mobile users too!

Mobile users account for more than half of all online searches. Always opt for mobile preferred ads with mobile-specific calls to action. Pair this with a mobile-friendly landing page for your best chances of conversion and delivering the optimal user experience – something else Google prioritises when ranking your site.

Keep tweaking those campaigns.

Don’t be tempted to set and forget, continually monitoring your campaigns allows you to make changes if they are not performing as hoped. Change things bit by bit so it is easy to see which change made the difference. Re-doing the entire ad over and over is not only a lot of effort but is not guaranteed to deliver success.

This can be a lot to manage on your own while running a business, which is why engaging professional help is highly recommended. This professional help is something the team at EFOUR specialise in.

Use the remarketing feature

Google is able to identify who is most likely to convert following a visit to your website from a specific ad. It then returns this data back to AdWords so you can recycle it and capture that customer via remarketing and secure the conversion.

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One of the best features of Google Ads is the ability to target your ideal customer. Billboards and letterbox drops can be hit and miss marketing whereas Google Ads seeks out qualified customers

How We Can Help

At EFOUR Digital Marketing we handle all aspects of digital marketing alongside web design and development services. Our ability to support businesses of all sizes to not only create a winning website, but direct traffic to it and generate leads, is second to none.

Rather than work with multiple agencies, we offer comprehensive services designed to help you grow your business in a way that is effective and sustainable. As a small, locally owned business, we intimately understand the importance of outstanding advertising and building a site that makes you an authority in your space.

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, we can tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Engage our help for Google Adwords expertise or an entire page build and SEO optimisation. We are as invested in your success as you are and are passionate about helping Australian businesses succeed.

To learn more about online advertising and Google Ad Campaigns, contact our highly skilled team today on 1300 263 806.

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Enable Exercise engaged EFOUR Digital marketing to provide Managed Google Business Profile services. Within 2 months of starting Enable Exercise had an increase of 300% in Leads and have recently had to change business locations to accomodate their growth in their team.


Increase in Leads


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Critical Care initially engaged EFOUR to provide Google Business Profile management. This turned into a new website build and Google Profile management. This has resulted in 400% increase in leads.


Increase in leads


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Increase in Google Maps Visibility

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