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Google My Business, what is it and how can it be beneficial to your business? You’re no doubt familiar with Google, after all, who isn’t?

But what about Google beyond a simple search, did you know there are other aspects that can be used to boost your company’s profile and enhance its visibility?

Google My Business (GMB) is one of these and can help you to grow your digital presence.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool through which your business can optimise and personalise its online profile to expand its reach. This free service gives you the opportunity to customise, manage, edit and enhance the information given in a Google search result or within Maps.

This makes it easier for customers to locate your business on Google and understand more about you at a glance. It also aids in verifying and legitimising your business in customers eyes, enhancing your chances of being contacted.

What If I Already Have A Business Profile?

Having a business profile is not the same as having a GMB account. The creation of a GMB account claims ownership of your business profile and allows you to edit it. A standard business profile is basic and automatically populated by Google in search results for both Google and Google maps.

It provides the business name, location, and category and may contain information auto-populated from other areas of the web. Against this profile, customers can freely leave reviews, add photos and ask questions. Without a Google My Business account in place to claim ownership of this auto-generated listing, you will have no ability to moderate or reply to anything linked with it.

In short, when you create a Google My Business it is not taking the place of your business profile, but rather acting as a tool to let you manage it.

Efour google business profile management

Why Do I Need "GBP"?

Firstly, if you do not claim ownership of your Google business profile you run the risk of someone else doing it. Additionally, not actively spending time to create a professional Google listing can be detrimental to your business. From a customer perspective, you may look less trustworthy or legitimate as a business.

Perhaps more worryingly, without a Google My Business account set up, you also will have zero control over any misinformation linked to your business. For example, imagine a competitor company or one with a similar name has a terrible reputation, Google could mistakenly match their negative write-ups or reviews to your business.

Ensuring you have claimed your Google business profile through the creation of a Google My Business account ensures you have control over your image and can engage meaningfully with customers. Let’s also not forget that Google My Business is a critical element of local SEO, so keeping it accurate and updated is incredibly important for capturing local business.

When edited to incorporate keywords, your GMB Profile can also boost your search engine optimisation and (SEO) ranking.

Grow your client base with Google My Business

Using Your Google My Business Account For Local Marketing

You can utilise your Google My Business account to interact with customers in a number of ways. Through it, you can enable questions, respond to reviews, set up alerts and even an instant chat service.

And, as they are linked, you are able to push updates from your GMB account through to your business profile. All of this is handled through the Google My Business dashboard.

Customer Engagement

You can utilise your Google My Business account to interact with customers in a number of ways. Through it, you can enable questions, respond to reviews, set up alerts and even an instant chat service. And, as they are linked, you are able to push updates from your GMB account through to your business profile.

All of this is handled through the Google My Business dashboard.

Personalise your business

Rather than an uninspiring, bland and basic business profile, GMB can be used to highlight your best features. Include links to your website, a cover photo or photos, videos, business hours and more. All of this will be available on the search engine results page (SERP) for an eye-catching and impactful first impression.

Use The Analytics

Within your Google My Business dashboard, there is an analytics tab, this tab provides a wealth of helpful information. Learn more about how customers found you (i.e. through maps or search) their behaviours while viewing your listing (what they clicked on) and how your listing compares to the competition.

These insights can help you further edit and modify your listing to be optimally effective and capture more customers.

Customer Engagement is important to EFOUR

Invest in local SEO

If you’ve invested in search engine optimization for your website, it is just as important to invest in local SEO through your GMB posts. We know Google loves a search algorithm and GMB is no different from a standard search – many factors will influence a post’s performance.

Targeted, local SEO can give you relevant keywords that you can incorporate and leverage to gain more visibility in your area. Ensuring customers can easily find you in a local search and reach out.

What your Google Business Profile Should Include

Wondering which information about your business is the most beneficial to include in your Google My Business listing?

A standard GMB business listing needs to make the most important information about your business available at a single glance. It should include:

  • Your businesses name and location (full address)
  • Phone number
  • Alternate contact information such as an email
  • A link to your website
  • Operating hours
  • Professional photos
  • Reviews

When determining where to rank your GMB listing Google will prioritise those with their name, address and phone number accurately posted.

Far from being limited to just profiling your business, Google My Business can also be used for posting about other things including:

What your Google Business Profile Should Include

Adding Google Business Profile managed services as part of your Local SEO Strategy makes your Digital Strategy a power house in lead generation

Google is heavily focused on user experience and delivering accurate information is an essential component of this.


Make it easy for customers to view current sales or special offers from your business using Promotions.


Provide more details about the products or services you offer via the product tab. Here viewers can gain access to information such as specifications, features, benefits, images and more for the selected product.


New product or service? Change in staff, procedure or pricing? Share this information via GMB using videos, photos and a brief description to ensure it’s not missed.


Hosting an event or participating in one? Share this with ease via GMB – event posts provide the name of the event, times, dates and details of what the event is about.

Marketing posts are only visible on returned search results for a maximum of 7 days. So it is worthwhile having a large amount of content prepared in advance.

Each of these post styles can help expand your reach or achieve your goals sooner, however, it can take time to find what best resonates with your audience.

This is why the analytics provided in the Google My Business dashboard are so beneficial.

When used intelligently, Google My Business is a powerful and effective marketing tool – best of all, it’s free! For best outcomes related to posts, we recommend engaging an SEO specialist that understand the analytics and keywords in depth.

This can ensure your posts hit the mark first go and easily stand out from other businesses like yours.

Getting Started with Google Business Profile

If you have not yet claimed your business, the process is simple.

  1. Log in to the Google account associated with your business.
  2. Select the ‘business’ tab.
  3. Enter your business name, business location, business category, contact number, website , and anything else relevant to your business.

Following this, you will be required to verify your listing, this can be done by having a code sent to your nominated number or via post. For fast results, we recommend the former.

Getting Started with Google Business Profile

Your verified what comes next?

As soon as you are verified, you will be able to access your GMB dashboard and check the accuracy of your listing. Ensure it includes the essentials as listed above as well as being linked in the appropriate category for local results. If linked in the inappropriate category it will mean you are competing for irrelevant searches which will be detrimental to both your ranking and your bottom line.

Unsure which category you should be in? The best way to know which category you should be listed in is to speak with an SEO expert, such as those at EFOUR Digital Marketing.

Add A Business Description

Once you know the essential NAP details are accurate, focus on building an image of your business through a brief outline of what you offer. You want anyone searching for you or associated keywords to know exactly how you match their needs.

Respond To And Encourage Further Reviews

Did you know that 93% of customers will check online reviews before making contact or committing to a purchase? While we all prefer positive reviews, even negative ones can be beneficial to SEO. Responding to reviews or addressing concerns raised in them shows your business cares and is committed to the customer.

Requesting reviews and responding to them in a considered, authentic manner helps to raise your organic rankings and build trust.

Choose Your Photos

We touched on this earlier, but it must be stressed how important it is to select professional, relevant and engaging photos or videos for your GMB posts. Before a single word is read on your post, your chosen image will be making an impression on the viewer.

Imagery can be a powerful tool in demonstrating points of difference between you and a competitor. They can also give customers a behind the scenes look at your company and humanise it – making customers feel more comfortable and confident to contact you.

Choose photos and video that clearly shows your branding, logo, smiling staff and customers and anything else you feel uniquely represents your business. For GMB posts uploaded videos must be 30 seconds or shorter so be sure to make it count!

Leverage Questions And Answers

A great way to build your reputation as a leader in your field is to turn on the question and answers section of your GMB post. Answering questions that many people likely want the answer to draws more attention to you and shows your commitment to the customer and their experience with you.

Only activate this if you can consistently respond to queries however as unanswered questions will have the opposite effect.

Ready To Harness The Power Of Google My Business

At EFOUR Digital Markerting, we are skilled experts in all things SEO and that includes utilising Google My Business to elevate your business online profile. While it may seem overwhelming or confusing to set up and implement, GMB is second nature to us. As GMB continues to grow and diversify as a marketing strategy, it is essential that your business include it as part of a winning SEO strategy.

Through careful analysis of your current local SEO standing, EFOUR Digital Markerting can pinpoint areas for change and maximise your ranking potential. Our affordable, effective and proactive approach to SEO and GMB ensures your business is positioned for success.

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As a local, family-owned business ourselves we understand the need for transparency and integrity at all times. We have years of experience in developing powerful SEO strategies that incorporate Google My Business and guarantee to boost your Google ranking.

At EFOUR your success is our success, contact our team today by phone on 1300 263 806 or by email to learn more about how we can help to optimize and enhance your online presence.

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