Web Development And Design

Website Development And Design

Whether you are an established business, or just starting out, ensuring your website is a stand out can be critical to your success. There is so much that goes into creating a winning website but before any in-depth content creation is undertaken, you need the foundation of your site to be exceptional. This is where website development and design come in.

The Importance Of Website Development And Design

While you build your site to advertise what you do and what you offer, in reality, a website is more for your customers and clients than it is for you. The user experience and appeal of your site goes a long way towards generating more business; after all, it is the biggest first impression you stand to make.

How do you create an outstanding website? Great website development and design is achieved by focusing on six core elements:

A Winning Homepage

Did you know most visitors to your site will form an impression within milliseconds of landing on your homepage? Your homepage should make it clear who you are, what you do and why the visitor should choose you. The design should be clear and uncluttered, with the focus on the core information.

Clear Contact Information

Aside from being an essential part of converting traffic to leads and sales, contact information builds trust with your visitors. Giving detailed and multiple ways in which site visitors can contact your business helps relay your professionalism and legitimacy as a genuine company.

Visual Appeal and Ease of Navigation

Ensuring your page is enticing and looks great is important, but this doesn’t mean crowding too much onto every page. Focus on quality content and a good mix of visual media such as photos and videos as this will help visitors remember you. Make all this content easily accessible through simple, clear navigational menus – failure to do this will cause visitors to give up on your site and go elsewhere.

Effective Calls To Action

So you have great traffic, but what do you want these visitors to do while on your site? A call to action helps customers take that next step and engage with you. This could be done via an invitation to sign a newsletter, contact us button, create a membership, and more. If you do not provide these opportunities for visitors to take action, it’s likely they’ll continue browsing and visit another website instead.

Suitable For Mobile Use

More than half of all web users now navigate from their mobile devices. If your website is not built with this user experience in mind, you stand to lose a huge proportion of your intended audience. Ensuring the functionality of your site includes programming for mobile use means checking its usability across a range of devices for loading speed, aesthetics, and compatibility with various screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimisation

Building SEO into your website from the outset is one of the best ways to ensure it achieves maximum visibility. Creating a site around the core principles of SEO means that search engines are going to index your site correctly and boost your rankings in returned search results.

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The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

So you’ve decided to build or re-do your website, do you choose a web developer or a web designer, or do you need both? Website development and design are not interchangeable, they each perform a specific and important role in the creation of your website.

A web designer works to transform your ideas into visually appealing layouts and essentially create the blueprint of your site or web application.

They are focused on selecting colour palettes, fonts, the layout, and generating an overall theme for your site that prioritises the user experience. They may use professional software programs rather than code to create mock-ups or prototypes of your website to revise in advance of the site build.

Web developers take these ideas and build them into a fully functional website through the use of code. Developers are focused on back end development and how your site functions, more than its style or how it looks. They work on the creation and maintenance of websites, keeping them online, linked to a server, and free of glitches.

At EFOUR, our team are experts in both specialties, making the entire process less confusing and more streamlined.

Through your website, your doors are open 24/7 and accessible to a global audience, so you need to make it count.

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The Process - What To Expect

When you engage a web developer and web designer for your website, you may be wondering what comes next. The process for website development and design may differ slightly depending on your timeline but should be somewhat similar to the following outline:

Outlining The Vision

This is primarily focused on you as a business owner and what you hope your site will achieve. It is helpful to ask yourself some key questions when outlining your vision as this will help you create focus.

Ask yourself, who is your target market? Who else might you want to reach? What is your purpose or position as a business? What do you think your visitors want to see and what do you want them to see? What action are you hoping they will take after visiting your site?

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Brainstorming is a collaborative period where you work alongside your web designer to educate them about your company. They will guide you through what that might look like by offering suggestions or solutions to help you achieve this.

Researching the competition forms a critical part of the brainstorming stage. Research allows you to define your point of difference and work towards a unique site and value proposition that appeals to your target audience.


The literal drawing board stage! During this stage, a plan for your site will be prepared. This plan should include details of some web content, the narrative of the site, a schematic or wireframe of what the site will look like, and a site map.

Make sure you spend time with your web developer reviewing the details of your new site. Remember, the digital world is vast and competition is fierce, if you don’t like something or want to discuss a new idea, now is the time!


With no coding required for website design, the design process should be a simple and uncomplicated step. Your web designer will take the details from the planning stage and build on that to deliver you a mock-up of what you might expect your site to look like.

It is important to not get ahead of yourself, so ensure you give this step the necessary attention. This is the time to focus on the appearance of your website, and how the user interface will function when launched to the internet. You can focus on the development later.


Once your design and content details are approved, your website can start to be built using code and specialty software. Coding for websites is intricate and detailed. Building a great website that meets usability and design goals takes time and significant skill to achieve and this may include specialised coding.

It is important the previous steps have been done well and offer as much detail and clarity as possible. This can help expedite your website’s creation and prevent any issues for your web developer.


Once the coding and subsequent testing of your site are completed your site is ready to launch! The value of having skilled developers in your corner is that post-launch, you can continue to add to your site. This keeps it active with valuable content while being safely stored on the server.

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Choosing A Web Designer And Developer

Web development and web design are fields that are jam-packed with “experts”. Despite this, finding a team that genuinely cares about your business and works hard to build you an exceptional website is not always easy.

To ensure you are going to be happy with the results of your investment in web development and design, you should:

Determine what type of website you need

The needs of an e-commerce platform are vastly different to that of a tradesperson selling professional services. Your design and development team should be experienced with your chosen site type and have examples to show you.

Choose Your Team Carefully

Select a team you would be happy to continue working with beyond the launch of your site and that has the capacity to offer this. Changing technology support down the line is both stressful and expensive.

Additionally, ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your chosen web designer and web developer – a great working relationship is essential to achieving optimal outcomes.

Know Your Budget

Set your budget and decide how much support you feel you will need. Websites are not a set-and-forget scenario! They require ongoing maintenance and, as far as search engines are concerned, a static website is not one to rank well. Adding fresh content and updating is not only great for your SEO but your visitors as well.

Be sure you factor these ongoing costs into your budget and check that what you want is achievable within it. There is no point in spending your entire budget on the initial web design and development and then having nothing left for its upkeep or hosting.

Focus On The Details

Choose web designers and developers that offer outstanding attention to detail and demonstrate a genuine passion for their job. It’s the little details that will make your site stand out and its creator’s experience will show.

Your website development and design team should know your vision and goals. Make sure you feel comfortable that they can deliver and work to your specifications.

Why Trust EFOUR With Your Web Design And Development

No matter how amazing your site is, if your website development and design do not account for SEO, you’re limiting its chance to be seen and deliver the results you hope for.

Why Trust Us With Your Web Design And Development?

At EFOUR we offer a multi-skilled team capable of delivering a truly exceptional website. We specialise in website development and web design while also being experts in digital marketing. This enables us to create a truly outstanding website for your business that works as hard as you do at generating leads and delivering increased profitability.

We have years of experience creating and delivering websites to both small and large businesses that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our web designers and web developers are experienced, highly skilled and genuinely interested in supporting your business to flourish through an exceptional website.

We understand the importance of intelligent, functional web design and web development and enjoy working collaboratively with businesses to create their website as well as offering ongoing professional tech support.

As a local, family-owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering affordable, professional, and reliable web development and design. We are invested in your success and love getting to know business owners in Queensland and Australia-wide.

To learn more about our web design and development services or any other services such as digital marketing, contact our friendly team today on 1300 263 806.

Some of the results you can expect

IT Services Brisbane



24 months ago, IT Services Brisbane had one part time employee with Director Hollie O’Byrne working full time. After 18 months working with EFOUR they are a 10 man team and looking to expand through Australia.


Increase in revenue


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Increase in visibility

Enable Exercise



Enable Exercise engaged EFOUR Digital marketing to provide Managed Google Business Profile services. Within 2 months of starting Enable Exercise had an increase of 300% in Leads and have recently had to change business locations to accomodate their growth in their team.


Increase in Leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

Critical Care



Critical Care initially engaged EFOUR to provide Google Business Profile management. This turned into a new website build and Google Profile management. This has resulted in 400% increase in leads.


Increase in leads


Return on marketing investment


Increase in Google Maps Visibility

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