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As a real estate agent, the first port of call for potential clients and customers will always be your website.

As such, it is extremely important that a real estate agent web design is designed by the best in the business, so that your property listings, agent pages, virtual tours, and general website content, stand above and beyond all other real estate sites, elevating your business to the next level. 

But what do real estate professionals need in terms of web design to make their very own beautiful real estate websites? Well, that depends on the specifics of what they need in terms of performances, lead generation and digital marketing.

However, for a more broad idea of what should be included, the best place to look would be at the best real estate agent websites in the business, so you can decide where to take inspiration from, and what exactly your web design should revolve around. 

The Best Agent Web Designs For Real Estate Agents To Get Inspired By

Landlord Assured

Starting off the list, Landlord Assured is impressive thanks to its great home page, which doubles as a video instantly ensuring that visitors remain engaged for a longer period of time and are more likely to click the bright yellow call to action in the centre of the page.

Unlike many other sites, which have a short paragraph as the subheading, this website lists the attractive features of Landlord Assured, arranged vertically, conveying information without causing stress.

On top of all this, the time-sensitive announcement on the top bar adds some urgency to click on the large call to action and get an instant evaluation. Lots to learn from here.

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Rex Homes

It is evident from the first click that for Rex Homes, user experience was a key driving factor when designing their website. Instantly in their headline, they have chosen to display the call to action button “See If You Qualify” within range a quick mouse movement.

This is then reinforced by a dedicated bright orange button that lets visitors send the site messages, along side a link to their Facebook page, promoting social trust.

From just these simple features, its clear to see how easy the web design for this real estate website has made it for visitors to interact, a very important design factor to take influence from. 

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Toll Brothers City Living

With one of the cleanest home pages we have seen, Toll Brothers City Living welcomes you with an aerial view of the dazzling skyline of New York City, instantly setting the tone for their high class site.

This is reinforced by their simple but sophisticated drop down menus, hover sensitive task bar, simple heading and sub-headings.

If your website matches Toll Brothers’ enhanced emphasis on aesthetics, then you’re as good as guaranteed to leave any visitor spell-bound, with no choice but to scroll down or click “SEE THE PROJECTS” to explore what’s on offer.

My Agent Finder

What’s unique about My Agent Finder is it’s focus on keeping lead capturing at the core of its site. The website does this by placing the search field, which comes with search suggestions, at the centre of the home page, accompanied by is a simple animated arrow prompting visitors to tap the button.

The only item at the top of the page is their phone number so people can call right away by tapping/clicking.

With such a simple but effective design, its no wonder that My Agent Finder is well regarded as one of the best examples of effective real estate agent web design.

Where Can I Find A Web Designer For My Real Estate Business?

Now that you’re familiar with the best real estate agent websites, you’re probably wondering what the next step is to make your website a reality. Well, with EFOUR, you can create a websites that will generate leads in spades thanks to our dedication to effective and thoroughly researched web design. 

At EFOUR we use our extensive web service knowledge to design, fine tune and create websites that go above and beyond what other services offer and do a fantastic job at lead capture, brand awareness and digital marketing.

With extensive levels of high quality design, and a broad range of customisable options, EFOUR’s web templates as good as guarantee a consistent and impressive final product that is sure to draw in countless potential clients.

So, if you’re looking to create the best agent web design for your real estate agencies websites that will put your site far above the rest, then look no further than EFOUR.

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