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Custom website development and design: So Why custom?

Sites like Wix and Freesite offer services for you to build your own diy website for free, or for a small subscription fee. For the most part, they are pretty easy to use and offer a range of different themes, designs and styles, but they are very different when it comes to custom website and development design Brisbane.

To the consumer, they look just fine. And if the consumers (well, the ones who could find your website) were deciding where your website will rank, then you would be raking in the business with your ‘just fine’ website.

What’s that? You’re not raking in business with a DIY website?

Hmmm…let’s explore why that is…

What is custom website development and design?

Let’s pull this term apart: Custom; Website; Development. Three distinct words which, at the end of the day, are pretty mundane on their own but which, when put together by a team who knows what this really means, can be a game changer for your business.

The key word in all of this is ‘custom’. Anyone can do the other two; it takes specialists to add the ‘custom’ part.

Although we don’t hear it as much now as we might have 150 years ago, the word ‘custom’ is still used to describe the regular dealings that shops or businesses have with the population.

The suffix ‘er’, meaning ‘one who’, added to the end of this word, ie one who has regular dealings with a business or shop, gives us the very thing that businesses are constantly chasing these days: long-term, returning, repeat customers.

You’d be right to assume then, that ‘custom’ is all about the ‘customer’ and creating an environment to which, the customer wants to keep returning. It’s a sad fact but you often can’t do that with a free template and a standard theme.

If in doubt call us and chat about your website development and design.

Why not?

The uniqueness of your brand should be reflected in all of your marketing materials, including your website, with a focus on user experience, to keep your customers coming back.

Custom website development and design, has the flexibility to incorporate not only your brand’s uniqueness and your product’s selling points but also to keep in mind the specific needs of your customers.

We’ve all been on those websites…they look good but when you try to use the website for its intended purpose, that’s when things start going badly; you’re forever clicking the back button because that’s the only way you can get back to the homepage, the ecommerce is sketchy at best and if you have the patience to stay on the site, you can’t always find what you’re looking for anyway. Ugh! So frustrating.

Google thinks so too.

In 2020, as in previous years, Google takes ‘user experience’ seriously when it comes to deciding upon a ranking for your website, looking at stats like ‘bounce rate’.

Often, standard, DIY websites just don’t make the grade, particularly for businesses that have specific requirements. Actually, standard templates are rarely appropriate for serious businesses with high quality consumers.

So, is a custom web design worth it?

If you’re still asking that question after all that’s been said, do read on…

The hard truth is that there’s so much more to designing a website that customers can find with a google search, than putting up pretty pictures and some articles.

Regardless of your design, whether you have improved user experience, your website will simply not rank if you have not optimised your site for search engines.

True, it’s not the only consideration but if you can’t get google to recognise and rank your site, none of the other stuff matters anyway!

Professional, custom website development and design, do so much more than customise your site for user experience.

There is so much that goes on in the background of your site to ensure that you are steadily progressing up the rankings and, be warned, not all web developers do this.

Just this morning I was reading a blog about all the reasons people shouldn’t hire a custom web developer in 2020 and, like all developers, as opposed to designers, who read this article, I was floored!

The blogger gave the example of his mate Steve who had a fancy custom designed website made and it never ranked.

Some of his blogger mates, who made their own websites, were climbing up the rankings while Steve and his website stagnated.

It’s true, this can happen…but we know the reason why.

When you choose a custom web developer, there is one very important question that you need to ask first…

‘Do u provide SEO as part of the build?’

There is a difference. Web designers create user experience. Web developers can give you the whole package.

Most importantly, they need to know SEO to combine design, build and SEO to ensure your website is optimised for search engines.


People will say they do ‘SEO’ but very few actually know what that means.

At EFOUR Web Developers, we have SEO teams, we have content writers who incorporate SEO, we have tech teams that incorporate SEO, we provide lead generation services.

Your site doesn’t go live until we are satisfied that everything we can do, short of jumping up and down waving a red flag in front of Google, is done.

Just as important, ongoing SEO, like the SEO Services that we offer, including ongoing content creation, will keep your website relevant and attractive to Google and any other search engines you might use.

Bottom line…custom web developers (well, the good ones) know what they are doing. I wouldn’t attempt to build my own house or service my car.

There are people who have the skills, knowledge and experience to do all that for me and get it right the first time.

That way, I have peace of mind moving forward knowing that my front door will lock and my car won’t leave me stranded on the highway.

For more information about the benefits of building a custom website development and design, visit our homepage.