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Real Estate Agents Websites

Real estate is a field that is defined by you as the agent, always revolving around how you make yourself a relevant and important resource to your client base and the community as a whole.

With so many agents out there vying for a piece of the real estate market, it’s easy to get overlooked by potential clients, unless you have a top notch digital presence, and the first place that starts is websites for real estate agents.

Nowadays people turn to the internet when looking for new homes, browsing property listings or even just window shopping future houses. Due to this shift, real estate agents have had to optimise their websites in order to ensure home buyers aren’t passing them by on their web search.

As such, the best way to identify what you should be including in websites for real estate agents business, is to look at the most successful websites for real estate agents world wide and take inspiration from these to ensure that once you create your own site, it will stand out as the top of its class.

"Websites for real estate agents should revolve around yourself as an important resource to clients and the community as a whole."

Some Of The Best Websites for Real Estate Agents

Websites For Real Estate Agents

Closed by Carley

Atlanta-based realtor Carley Johnson’s site stands above other websites in it’s sheer beauty/ Combining both minimalism and fun on the website menu, the white colour scheme and clean design go hand-in-hand with high quality images of bright homes and neatly arranged gardens, giving potential clients a clear sense of her aesthetic style.

She also posts YouTube videos with tips for owning and designing a home, which she includes on a separate page of her website.

This lets her warm personality shine through and adds a sense of friendliness and approachability to her business, making potential clients more likely to turn to her for their property search.  This in turn, makes Carley Johnson’s site one of the best websites for real estates.

Beavers O’Connell Group

Starting with their slogan “Legal solutions. Modern approach,” this organisation has a strong website that showcases the professionalism of every team member.

The site’s ample whitespace and clean fonts make the website easy and intuitive to navigate, while a concise outline of their services helps potential clients find the home buying information they need.

On top of that, the real estate firm places a photograph of their team prominently at the top of their homepage, showing the faces behind the brand. They round out their website with a blog, highlighting their knowledge in the industry and building their online authority.

Next Door Alliance

With one of the best real estate websites, property managers Next Door Alliance have a sleek, urban feel that almost guarantees lead capture.

Their blue color palette not only matches the large photograph of skyscrapers on their homepage, but also gives the brand a sense of reliability and trust.

Buyers and sellers can easily contact them by going directly to the form at the bottom of the homepage, or by clicking the request a quote button found in various places on the site, a call to action that is bound to generate leads.

The Best Real Estate Websites


Afford2Stage welcomes clients with a charming website background, a gray and white pattern reminiscent of stylish wallpaper. A slideshow gallery at the top of the homepage displays images of their home staging and redesign, as well as a concise explanation of the benefits of their services.

To help potential customers visualize working with them, they also provide a separate page in which they display before and after images of their work. In addition, the site provides an FAQ page to answer the questions of interested clients, a great way to win over any site visitors.

Arroyo Realty Group

Arroyo Realty Group gets straight to the point with a clean, professional website. Upon entering the site, the user is immediately greeted with the word “Welcome” and the image of a key opening a door.

Directly beneath that is the CTA “Let’s Talk,” which captures the visitor’s attention and takes them straight to the Contact page. The company also includes an About page in which they explain the story behind their brand, sharing their values and experience with prospective clients.

Design Your Real Estate Website With EFOUR

Laurie Wotus

Laurie Wotus has designed an informative, comprehensive real estate agent website that provides clients with everything they need to get started. Her homepage boasts a unique design: a large, slow-motion video of a happy couple in their new home plays on repeat, and it’s overlaid with a headshot of Laurie.

Written across the video are also the three main values that inform her work: integrity, honesty, and community. As part of her strong commitment to customer service, she includes a live chat in the bottom right corner of her site, a great feature to consider in your own design.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Website

EFOUR Make Good Real Estate Websites

Just like any business that is trying to thrive in the modern market, real estate agents need a solid website that makes their properties easy to discover for potential clients and even easier to sell to those potential clients.

Unless you want to rely on potential buyers just stumbling upon your properties, you also need to ensure that your website is easily discoverable via search engines.  

In order to accomplish this, you need to design a website that stands out from the crowd, and really draws people in. The key to this, is effective web design and development that appeals to your target market and ensures that your site will be just as memorable as your real estate listings themselves. 

 Luckily, you don’t have to build this one of a kind website from scratch scratch. Thanks to the hard work of numerous web development companies, you can hire a company to work with you to create your very own high quality real estate website.

Or, if you’d rather streamline the process, you could always consider one of the many top notch real estate website templates available online for purchase, that are guaranteed to help your real estate business shine above the rest and bring in countless potential clients. 

Who Builds The Best Real Estate Agent Websites?

If you’re looking for a web design and digital marketing company that can build you a real estate website that will make you stand out from ‘most sites’ in your area then look no further than EFOUR.

A search engine optimisation company, EFOUR offers more than just your typical web services, providing it’s clients with a templates, web design and development services, on top of high level SEO.  

EFOUR uses their extensive web service knowledge to design and fine tune real estate agent websites that go above and beyond what other services offer.

With extensive levels of high quality design, and a broad range of customisable options , EFOUR’s web templates as good as guarantee any real estate company who uses them a consistent and impressive final product that is sure to draw in countless potential clients.

Build The Best Real Estate Website With EFOUR

And if you’re interested in a more personalised website to really show off what your business is all about, then EFOUR can also work alongside you to make your vision a reality using their web knowledge and state of the art online architecture.

So, if you’re looking for a real estate website that will put your business way above the rest, then look no further than EFOUR. 

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