Know what you get when you Buy SEO Services!!!

So what do you get when you Buy SEO Services?

A question I ask all of our new clients who have already purchased SEO packages from other SEO consultants.

They see SEO as a black art, a complicated and unknowable algorithm that Google constantly changes and keep a tight hold on, and understandably so. Considering the click through rates for the top positions around 30% and the number of people who are on the net searching for a solution to a problem they have is growing exponentially. Anyone who knew the algorithm and all its intricacies would be possibly the richest person on the planet.

In saying that there are tried and tested methods that work year in and year out. you just have to find the right company to help you out.

Buy SEO Services from us and we actually tell you what you get.

Why Buy SEO services?

So why buy SEO Services and who do you buy them from. That is a very good question. One of the things I say to my clients is, your provider needs to be able to list the SEO Services and SEO packages they provide to you, not necessarily how they do it, but the actual services they provide and the costs associated. Not hit you with a bill at the end of the month without explanation with no or limited results.

There are a number SEO Services that are available to small business and there is even more reasons why you should invest in organic SEO. Firstly once it is set up it is a lot cheaper than running google ads AKA Google Adwords, which can often cost a substantial retainer per month on top of the cost per click. So when you do buy seo services spend sometime to understand what SEO services you are purchasing.

Can you buy SEO services that combine different types of SEO?

Yes, you can buy SEO services that combine different types of SEO, depending on the agency. In fact there are some great SEO packages that we provide that utilise a combination of ADWORDS and organic SEO. The Google adwords can assist in immediate traffic, however, long term can be costly. The organic SEO techniques that we use can accelerate your position through the rankings however are not immediate. Anyone who claims they can get you immediate results with organic SEO is telling substantial furphies.

So why the fuss about what knowing what you get?

You don’t go and buy a car or buy a house without knowing what you get, for example the list of extras. Fans, air con, rooms and garages. And for a car you don’t go buy a car without knowing the engine capacity number of seats and fuel economy. so why do the same when it come to SEO?

Your Website is an Asset

I have always thought of a website as an asset. An asset that can grow if given the right amount of keywords, content and links. An asset that can showcase your business and generate an unending amount of leads. Why wouldn’t you want to consider it an asset to your business.

When you buy Seo Services what do you get?

This purely depends on the SEO team you choose to do the SEO’ing, if you know what I mean – Wink wink nudge nudge, not all SEO packages you buy are made equal. You would think that it would be pretty similar across the board, but there is no search engine optmisation university, or SEO watchdog out there making sure people do the right thing when it comes to you , your business and SEO.

It is important to know what you are getting for your money, and SEO is no different. Ask questions, find out about the service you are being provided. Now in saying that I wouldn’t give away the secrets of my SEO, but I can say that basis of all high quality SEO is “keywords content and links“.