Website Templates For Real Estate Agents

Just like any business that is trying to thrive in the modern market, real estate agents need a solid website that makes their properties easy to discover for potential clients and even easier to sell to those potential clients. Unless you want to rely on potential buyers just stumbling upon your properties, you also need to ensure that your website is easily discoverable via search engines.  Best opt for a Website Templates For Real Estate Agents.


In order to accomplish this, you need to design a website that stands out from the crowd, and really draws people in. The key to this is effective web design and development that appeals to your target market and ensures that your site will be just as memorable as your real estate listings themselves. Luckily, you don’t have to build this one of a kind website from scratch. Thanks to the hard work of numerous web development companies, there are now high-quality real estate website templates available online for purchase, that are guaranteed to help your real estate business shine above the rest and bring in countless potential clients.

The Top Five Real Website Templates For Real Estate Agents 


Website Templates For Real Estate Agents If you’re looking for the best website templates for real estate agents then look no further than EFOUR. A search engine optimisation company, EFOUR offers more than just your typical web services, providing its clients with a template, web design and development services, on top of high-level SEO.  

More importantly though, EFOUR uses their extensive web service knowledge to design and fine tune real estate agent websites that go above and beyond what other services offer.

With extensive levels of premium quality design, and a broad range of customisable options. 

EFOUR’s web templates as good as guarantee any real estate company who uses them a consistent and impressive final product that is sure to draw in countless potential clients. So, if you’re looking for a real estate website template that will put your site far above the rest, then look no further than EFOUR. 

2. Urban Co 

If you want to make browsing your property listings an immersive experience, Urban Co may be the template for you. With its parallax animations, scrolling effects, and mesmerising web design, Urban Co feels like an online tour for a post-modern architecture firm. Its next level design makes this template perfect for high-end property development firms or real estate businesses. 

3. Mercer 

EFOUR number 1 in Real Estate Website TemplatesMercer is a website templates for real estate agents that exudes prestige, lightyears ahead of other companies that just sell a glorified real estate WordPress theme — making it perfect for a real estate agency that represents high-end properties.  

This template uses the juxtaposition of white space and dark images to create a luxurious and exclusive aesthetic with formal typography and minimalist iconography supporting its graceful, intuitive design.

What makes this template standout is its inclusion of pages dedicated to the surrounding neighbourhood so potential buyers can get a feel for the entire area when viewing a listing, not just the property itself. 

4. The Village 

The Village is a great option for those who want something slightly bold and untraditional. The stunning template includes everything you need for a real estate property website — ranging from property listing sections to contact forms and everything in between. 

 The lovely colour scheme, bold typography, and diagonal photo layouts combine well to create a perfect foundation for a playful real estate website. However, just like Estate, the Village fails to offer many customisation features which means your site will look essentially identical to any other real estate site that uses the template. 

5. Estate 

EFOUR the best in Website Templates For Real Estate Agents Estate is a top-notch example of what all real estate websites should aspire for – minimal, sleek design that gives the website a clean look, as well as tasteful animations and a warm welcome message that fades into a call to action. With google maps integration and built in SEO features, this template comes with all the necessary functionalities of a modern website, that will paint any real estate agencies who use in a good light. 

The one caveat with Estate is the lack of customisable options that come with it. Estate is a very linear, albeit very beautiful, uniform template that will look essentially identical to any other real estate site that uses the template, from the homepage layouts right down to the advanced search button.

This can be disappointing for those who want their site to be uniquely their own website, however, due to the proven quality of the template, site visitors will undoubtedly love your design, even if it’s used by others in the field already.

EFOUR Real Estate Website Templates 

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